The Inventium Lab

Step into the Inventium Lab, your playground for growth. Use our step-by-step guides to experiment with some of our most successful internal initiatives, specially crafted to create the very best place to work.

Build a great culture in a hybrid world

In the evolving landscape of hybrid work, cultivating a vibrant culture demands strategic initiatives. From harnessing virtual caves for focused tasks to weaving feedback into the fabric of interaction, building bridges with local communities, nurturing team well-being, and reinventing traditions like ‘Secret Santa,’ the path to excellence unfolds.

Motivate your team using autonomy and flexibility

Empowering teams through autonomy and flexibility is a cornerstone of modern motivation strategies. Initiatives like the four-day work week, impactful OKR(A) setting, insightful work-style assessments, self-driven onboarding, reflective performance evaluations, and autonomous learning opportunities collectively foster a culture of engagement and achievement.

Turbocharge your team’s productivity

Elevate your team’s productivity with targeted strategies. Unleash deep work, synchronize energy levels through a chronotype map, enhance communication via a guide, and establish an invigorating home office setup for optimal performance and well-being.

Create a highly innovative team

Forge an exceptionally innovative team by harnessing collective intelligence through shifting. Elevate success rates with pre-mortems, reclaim time via zombie campaigns, validate ideas through experiments, and uncover lucrative business prospects, fostering a culture of continuous and transformative growth.