Create a highly innovative team

How to instantly get to know how your people work

The Aim



  1. Each person in a team should create an OPOM by answering the About You questions in the OPOM template.
  2. To make your OPOM even better, send an email to 5-10 people who you have worked closely with and ask them to answer these questions:
    1. What brings out the best in me?
    2. What brings out the worst in me?
    3. What are my blind spots?
    4. What do you wish you had known about me when we started working together?
  3. Use this input from others to further refine your OPOM.
  4. Next, answer the Your Role questions in the OPOM template. (Note: this section of your OPOM will be fluid, depending on your role at the time).
  5. Share your OPOM with your teammates and give people a chance to ask questions.
  6. Store the OPOMs in a central location so team members can revisit them at any time.
  7. OPTIONAL: At Inventium, we include creating and sharing an OPOM as part of the onboarding process. It helps new team members reflect on their working style while fast-tracking existing team members’ learning about the styles of their new teammates. Giving new team members an opportunity to share also facilitates the formation of new connections.

Other ways of creating a highly innovative team

Forge an exceptionally innovative team by harnessing collective intelligence through shifting. Elevate success rates with pre-mortems, reclaim time via zombie campaigns, validate ideas through experiments, and uncover lucrative business prospects, fostering a culture of continuous and transformative growth.