Work with our clever and creative crew to customise a program to equip your whole organisation to do their best work.

We’re on a mission to kill bad work practices and to help people everywhere to love Mondays and feel like they’ve had a big impact by Friday.

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We love people like you. You are always striving to be better and to find better ways of doing things. You are an opportunity-hunter and a solution-seeker. You are a learner and an optimiser. You are hungry for growth and hungry for success.

We also love people like you because you want to help others be better too. We can help you with that. We specialise in providing proven and practical programs to help you and your organisation to get the best out of your people, stay ahead of the competition and love Mondays. We guarantee that by working with us, you’ll be happier, more productive and more impactful at work.

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Check out some of the ways we can help companies to reach their biggest goals

Optimise Your Team
Competitive Edge
Happy Mondays

Optimise Your Team

We help companies to get the best out of their people!

We aspire to construct exceptional workplaces that elevate productivity, motivation, and engagement, aiding each team member in their optimal performance. We’re dedicated to facilitating efficient goal achievement for your workforce.

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The big goals

We help by

  • To build brilliant workplaces that boost productivity, motivation and engagement
  • To help every team member do their best work
  • To help your people achieve their goals efficiently and effectively
  • Inspiring people everywhere with highly practical, engaging keynotes specially designed around the key elements that create extraordinary workplaces
  • Assessing where you sit on the 10 key elements outlined in the Workplaces of the Future framework (the framework we use to assess the AFR Best Places to Work list)
  • Measuring individual productivity and helping organisations diagnose challenges in how people are working to understand the impact on engagement, job satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Training your teams to boost individual productivity and focus
  • Changing behaviours and habits to ensure your team is working effectively and on the most valuable things

Competitive Edge

We help companies stay ahead of the competition!

We strive to drive growth through innovation, create and maintain your competitive advantage and foster a culture of innovation.

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The big goals

We help by

  • To drive growth through innovation
  • To create and maintain your competitive advantage
  • To foster a culture of innovation
  • Assessing where you sit against the Nine key drivers of innovation (the framework we use to assess the AFR Most Innovative Companies)
  • Working with leaders to develop your innovation strategy and to understand the importance of innovation
  • Innovation training to build innovation capability and creativity in your people
  • Giving you the tools to create and sustain a culture of innovation
  • Embedding a simple process for innovation at your organisation
  • Creating experimental mindsets and equipping your people with the skills to experiment
  • Developing adaptability and the ability to drive change
  • Inspiring people everywhere with highly practical and engaging innovation keynotes
  • General innovation consulting, coaching and mentoring

Happy Mondays

We help companies ensure their people love Mondays!

Our biggest goals for you here are to retain and grow top talent, successfully test and embed new ways of working to help your organisation adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world of work, boost wellbeing and energy levels across your organisation, and build connection in hybrid and remote workplaces.

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The big goals

We help by

  • To retain and grow top talent
  • To successfully test and embed new ways of working to help your organisation adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world of work
  • To boost wellbeing and energy levels across your organisation
  • To build connection in hybrid and remote workplaces
  • Inspiring people everywhere with highly practical, engaging keynotes on wellbeing, motivation and happiness at work
  • Facilitating in-person and virtual team events that will energise and inspire your people
  • Working with leaders to design best-practice policies and processes, based on behavioural science, to significantly boost motivation and engagement
  • Boosting team productivity by developing team working rhythms, connection and cohesion
  • Training your people to boost their wellbeing and energy levels when working in a hybrid or remote workplace
  • Helping leaders to navigate the changes resulting from COVID and to harness the opportunity to try new ways of working such as all-remote, hybrid, 4 Day Weeks and more
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What these innovators have to say

“Inventium’s scientific approach to innovation has given us the tools to focus our innovation on solving consumer problems and embed a culture where innovation thrives. Inventium completely understood and actioned against our brief. Zoe was extremely supportive and an engaging facilitator.”

Project Lead


McCormick Foods

“Working with Inventium is amazing and inspiring. Everybody is knowledgeable and uses their experience to guide us while building internal capability. We have had savings of over 100k by using their experimentation methodology, whereas in the past we would have just launched the new product.”

Head of ANZ PMO



“Inventium has delivered excellent results for Coca-Cola Amatil. I have rarely seen a set of creative tools permeate an organisation so quickly due to their clear logic and simplicity.”

National Innovation Manager


Coca Cola

“With the help of Inventium, we launched our innovation program, defined our innovation strategy, and started to build in-house capability. We were thrilled to debut at #3 on the BRW Most Innovative Companies list, and Inventium were instrumental in helping us drive the business to achieve this result. If you want to take a more structured and proactive approach to innovation by implementing a world-class innovation program then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at Inventium.”

Group GM Innovation



“Inventium has added credibility, understanding and awareness to innovation at Clayton Utz. Through Inventium’s training, our Innovation Champions have an in-depth understanding of a repeatable innovation process that is producing tangible results”

Innovation Manager


Clayton UTZ

“Inventium understands that law firms are typically risk averse and have a high degree of cynicism, and were able to provide Allens with tangible skills and verifiable evidence that their innovation process works. We look forward to collaborating with our clients to solve their problems using Inventium’s proven framework”