Create a highly innovative team

How to run a Pre-Mortem to increase the chances of success for your new initiative

The Aim



  1. Ask your team to reflect on this question: Imagine that we implemented X [the initiative/idea] and in 12 months, it was a massive failure. Why might this have been so?
  2. Ask them to write down their answers in a shared spreadsheet.
  3. The facilitator should cluster similar answers into themed groups.
  4. Synchronously or asynchronously workshop all the possible problems with your team to proactively find solutions to mitigate them.
    1. EXAMPLE: When introducing the FDW, we uncovered through our Pre-Mortem that team members feared the loss of collaboration and team bonding. Therefore, we decided that we would all take the same day off. If we took off different days, we felt it might impede our ability to meet as an entire business and lead to some people feeling disconnected.

Other ways of creating a highly innovative team

Forge an exceptionally innovative team by harnessing collective intelligence through shifting. Elevate success rates with pre-mortems, reclaim time via zombie campaigns, validate ideas through experiments, and uncover lucrative business prospects, fostering a culture of continuous and transformative growth.