Create a highly innovative team

How to boost team well-being through physical and social activity

The Aim



  1. Divide your people into equal teams; 4-5 per team is ideal.
  2. Each team needs a name and a captain. The captain enters each group member’s daily step count into the tracking spreadsheet.
  3. For each working day of the challenge, participants record their steps and score points for their team as follows: 5000+ = 1pt, 8000+ = 2pts, 10000+ = 3pts.
  4. Each week the Step Leader sets a photo challenge for teams to earn five bonus points – these challenges are designed to drive social connection and all team members must complete the challenge to earn the bonus points. Some examples of photo challenges include:
    1. Post a photo of your most prized household possession
    2. Post a photo of your most Masterchef-like meal this week
    3. Post a family photo doing what you do best outside the home
  5. To encourage more stepping, the Step Leader can also create other bonus challenges for points at their discretion e.g.
    1. Head-to-head battles where team members are ranked according to their steps and battle teammates of the equivalent rank from other teams
    2. Dance-offs where teams go head-to-head ‘dancing’ to a song. The team with the most steps at the end of the song wins the bonus points
  6. At the end of the challenge, organise a celebration to announce the winning team. You may want to give special awards to the most consistent stepper or the highest stepper.

Other ways of creating a highly innovative team

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