Zoe Aitken3 April 2019

Three things you can do over the Easter holidays to enhance your creativity

Have you ever wondered why some people can come up with brilliant ideas effortlessly, while the rest of us need a little bit more help? (Picture me staring blankly at my computer screen for hours trying to come up with something to write for this blog post). If you’re like me and sometimes struggle to tap into your creative zest, fear not, as I come bearing some good news!

Yes, it is true that some people are lucky enough to be born more creative than others, which comes down to their genetics and personality. Lucky for them! For the rest of us, the good news is that we can learn to be more creative. Because creativity is just like any other skill and with the right tools and techniques we can get those creative juices flowing.

Maybe you have a work challenge hanging over your head or trying to come up with some ideas for family outings over the school holidays (I know I am!), then these techniques just might help you come up with your most creative ideas yet!

Get out into nature
Getting out into nature has been scientifically proven to enhance our creativity. There’s something immediately calming about being in nature and science has shown that it actually has a physiological effect on us, by lowering our cortisol levels (which is a stress hormone) and therefore makes us feel less stressed. And stress is the enemy of creativity! I’m sure you can reflect back on a time when you may’ve felt stressed, and no matter how hard you might have tried to distract your mind and think about something else, your mind kept going back to your point of stress, ruminating and deliberating. There lies the impact of cortisol. So, in order to reduce your cortisol levels and free up your thinking, get outside, breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the creative benefits of nature!

Wear happy colours
I’ve always wished I was one of those people who could pull off wearing wonderfully bright and colourful clothing (aka Dr. Amantha Imber style) but alas, a statement earring is about as bold as I get. But there is scientific evidence that shows that when we’re exposed to happy colours (i.e. warm colours such as yellow, orange or red) that we actually feel happier. And when we feel happy, science has shown that we’re more creative. So what better reason to don some happy colours and give the gift of creativity.

Listen to happy music
Science has also shown that we’re more creative when we listen to happy music. So find yourself a playlist (or better yet, make one) that has all your favourite, happy songs on it. And whenever you need an injection of creativity, have it at the ready. We take advantage of this learning in our workshops and always play music throughout our sessions and I can thoroughly recommend this playlist, which often gets compliments from participants. Enjoy!