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How to be like Facebook (but in the best possible way)

I have just finished reading an excellent book called “The Four” which charts the world domination of Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google. It’s filled with a huge number of interesting insights, too many to cover here. It is only one sentence of 10,000 buried deep in the Facebook chapter…

Imogen Aitken • 10 September 2018

How to get rich customer insights in three simple steps

Businesses live and die by the decisions that their customers (or non-customers) make each and every day. Ultimately, it’s our customers that decide whether or not our innovations are a huge success or a whopping failure. So it makes sense that when we want to identify our next big innovation…

Nick Johnston • 12 July 2018

For the best innovation, get out and experiment

I’ve just realised that everything I thought I ever knew about Market Research, when it comes to testing innovation, was either flawed or is fast becoming redundant. If, like me, you have employed traditional market research approaches (i.e. concept tests, market simulation tests, focus groups, etc) to evaluate and validate…

Zoe Aitken • 22 December 2017

Innovation Opportunities: Why all of the focus groups in the world will never cut it

I work in the business of light bulb moments. As an Inventiologist at Inventium, I have the privilege of educating professionals about the theories and scientific principles that underlie best-practice innovation. One of my favourite parts of this role is seeing those big, light bulb ‘Aha!’ moments that occur when…

Charlotte Rush • 13 September 2017