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Three tools that are proven to drive meaningful change in people’s behaviour

When was the last time you were able to change either your own or someone else’s behaviour? And what exactly was it that you did that led to that successful change? A few months ago, in an attempt to find my own answers to these questions, I decided that…

Dr. Amantha Imber • 13 February 2019

Do you work for a calm company

I caught up with Janine Allis (founder of Boost Juice and a shark on Shark Tank) this week for a chat on the How I Work podcast and it was fascinating hearing about how one of Australia’s leading innovators and entrepreneurs works. Janine has a bunch…

Dr. Amantha Imber • 13 February 2019

One thing that the top performing Silicon Valley companies have in common

I was lucky enough to spend the first week of November on Inventium’s Silicon Valley Tour, visiting some of the world’s most innovative organisations in and around San Francisco. There was a huge range of amazing takeaways from the week, but one that really stuck with me was…

Imogen Aitken • 13 February 2019

What leaders of the world’s most innovative companies do differently

Have you ever noticed how some organisational leaders thrive in the face of change and disruption, while others somehow manage to lead their company into an abyss of irrelevance? (Did someone say ‘Kodak’?). There’s a whole lot of factors that can contribute…

Zoe Aitken • 26 October 2018

Three signs that your organisation is killing innovation

Innovation is a word at the tip of almost every CEO’s lips. However, despite the best of intentions, many organisations are killing innovation. There are several issues that these organisations have in common.   Leaders don’t walk the talk While the majority of CEOs and their leadership teams talk…

Dr. Amantha Imber • 22 December 2017