We’ve kickstarted positive behavioural change around the world, giving companies a strategic leg up to smash their goals more efficiently and smile whilst doing it.

Hello from Inventium! We’re your partners for making work better and brighter.

As a behaviour change consultancy, we mix science with a whole lot of smarts to help individuals and teams reach their top-notch potential. Armed with strategies backed by solid evidence, we boost productivity, stoke creativity, and uplift overall performance. Think of us as your workplace whisperers, turning research into actionable solutions curated just for you.

With a proven track record of success, Inventium is driving lasting positive change in workplaces worldwide, making them more productive, happier, and impactful. Your better work experience starts here.

The Inventium Lab

Step into the Inventium Lab, your playground for growth. Use our step-by-step guides to experiment with some of our most successful internal initiatives, specially crafted to create the very best place to work.

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Dive into our Blogosphere! Uncover a galaxy of workplace wisdom, productivity power-ups, and innovative insights. Our blog articles are your launchpad to staying informed and inspired in the ever-evolving work landscape.

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Impact reports

Explore our Impact Reports, where our true reach and successes come to life. Learn more about how Inventium’s strategies have positively impacted people everywhere, our own team, the environment, and our communities.

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'How I Work' Podcast

Tune in to our ‘How I Work’ podcast, your backstage pass to industry leaders’ productivity secrets. Hosted by our Founder, Dr Amantha Imber, get ready to fuel your work-life balance with actionable insights and inspiration.

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Explore our books collection authored by Dr. Amantha Imber, our visionary Founder. From bestsellers on innovation culture, time management and creativity to game-changing e-books, discover practical, science-backed tools for instant transformation. Grab your copy today!

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Discover Inventium Events – your gateway to transformative experiences. Dive into unique workshops and gatherings that ignite creativity, innovation, and workplace brilliance. Join us in shaping the future of work!

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