How to become a ‘Workplace of the Future’

How to become a ‘Workplace of the Future’


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Data from Culture Amp shows that employee resilience has dropped by around 15% over the last 12 months, and that 55% of employees are struggling to switch off from work and make time for rest.  Employee burnout and the Great Resignation is one of the biggest threats to business success right now. To thrive as an organisation, having happy, enthusiastic, and productive staff is critical. Our clients are asking questions such as:
  • How can we effectively lead teams in a remote working world?
  • How can we create a workplace where our employees are energised and motivated?
  • How can we work more productively and avoid burnout for ourselves and our teams?

In this masterclass, we’ll address these questions and more by sharing some of the highlights from our ‘Workplaces of the Future’ virtual event.

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