Charlotte Rush20 May 2024

Future of Work Whitepaper

Employees and leaders are the heart and soul of every organisation. They will influence customers, business growth and achievement towards a compelling mission. Their level of impact cannot be taken for granted – engaged employees are 14% more productive (that’s equivalent to 86 extra minutes each day!) and absenteeism reduces by 81%.
Off the back of the pandemic, some things have become clearer about work and our relationship with it, such as our desire for greater flexibility. But many things have become murkier and even more complex – from our quest for greater connection in a hybrid world to the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in our job description. ‘Growing expectations’ and ‘constant change’ were two common phrases we heard during our research with cross-industry executives across Australia. The mood in our conversations was almost always the same – excited, yet hesitant. Convinced of the need for something better, but not quite sure of the path forward.
Organisations that prioritise and prepare for the changing nature of work and the needs of their people will be better positioned to foster a positive workplace culture, drive performance and innovation, and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment.
We’re ready – are you?