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Online Programs

If you want to take your learning to the next level, our Online Programs are for you. Designed by our resident psychologists, these programs turn the latest in scientific research into practical, easy-to-implement tools. Perfect for individuals, teams or we can even tailor a package for your whole organisation.


We never like to hear of people missing out. So, we’ll be taking some of our most popular MasterClasses and making them accessible any time you like via our downloadable INVENTeKITS. We’ll also throw in some bonus extras like templates, tools, and guidebooks to give you an extra helping hand.


Dive into learning with our Webinars, led by industry experts. These live sessions offer insights into the latest trends and practical skills, ideal for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Engage and learn from anywhere, with access to exclusive follow-up materials. Perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge without leaving home.