Charlotte Rush10 September 2019

Case study: how to actually ‘do’ innovation culture initiatives!

Earlier this year I participated in an initiative aimed at increasing the culture for innovation within the Property Group at Lendlease. Thanks to research, we know that there are 14 specific ‘dimensions’ necessary to create a climate of innovation. These include things like risk-taking, top management support and a sense of challenge in your role. But, bringing these dimensions to life in a way that will drive meaningful change in your organisation’s culture requires a certain amount of creative thinking!

The innovation team at Lendlease Property decided to focus on specific innovation topics and educate people on how to bring this to life in daily work practices through videos with guest speakers. The month of February was all about “Thinking Broadly” and I got to chat with them about what this means for me!

Check out the video below to hear about why thinking broadly is so important for innovation and how you can start doing it better. If you are short on time, here are the key points and the timestamps so you can jump straight to it!

  • Why it is important to think broadly when it comes to innovation (41 sec)
  • The ‘Expert’s Blinkers’ and how they can prevent broad thinking (1min 16 sec)
  • When we should be thinking more broadly versus a more traditional approach (2min 14sec)
  • What the biggest barriers to thinking broadly are (3min 15 sec)
  • How to overcome these barriers (4min 18sec)
  • How you can think broadly in your day-to-day work (5min 17 sec)
  • One tip I have for teams to help them to think broadly (6min 22sec)
  • My favourite book and podcast to help you in thinking broadly (7min 48 sec)