Providing foundations for their award-winning innovation program, Hatch, where teams can develop better solutions to customer problems.

Mirvac wanted to create a more proactive and structured approach to innovation and evolve from the typical reactive nature of large organisations to ensure they were producing better solutions for their customers.

What we did for Mirvac

We worked with Mirvac to lay the foundations for their award-winning innovation program, Hatch. Hatch ultimately aims to create a culture of innovation at Mirvac, where people can be supported everyday to come up with better solutions to customer problems.

  • Conducted our Innovation Maturity Index to determine current drivers and inhibitors of innovation.
  • Created an organisation-wide process that put the customer at the heart of innovation.
  • Selected and trained a group of Innovation Champions who could coach others in the innovation process and drive sustainable change across the organisation.
  • Conducted intensive mentoring at a strategic, senior level of management.
  • Identified a set of innovation missions (i.e. specific areas of focus for innovation at Mirvac), ensuring a mix of incremental and disruptive opportunities.

The results

After 18 months of working with Mirvac, the following results were achieved:

  • Debuted at #3 in the AFR’s Most Innovative Companies list
  • 118% uplift in the effectiveness of Mirvac’s Innovation Process
  • 54% uplift on the key drivers that create a culture of innovation
  • 39% uplift on organisation-wide employee capability to be effective innovators
  • Created an innovation process so effective that it was also applied to general problem-solving across the business, ultimately driving better thinking throughout teams
  • Increased employee engagement which led to improved cross-functional collaboration when solving problems.

Hear from our amazing clients

Kickstarting change across the world, one client at a time

“With the help of Inventium, we launched our innovation program, defined our innovation strategy, and started to build in-house capability. We were thrilled to debut at #3 on the BRW Most Innovative Companies list, and Inventium were instrumental in helping us drive the business to achieve this result. If you want to take a more structured and proactive approach to innovation by implementing a world-class innovation program then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at Inventium.”