Lander & Rogers

Providing brain-based and science-backed tools to assist the team to work more efficiently, structure their days optimally, tune out digital distractions, and manage their energy levels.

Inventium was asked to help reinvent Lander & Rogers employees’ workdays to continue fulfilling the firm’s objective of being a great place to work, not just a place where work gets done.

What we did for Lander & Rogers

  • Lander & Rogers selected a cross-section of participants from across the firm to undertake the Workday Reinvention Program in 2022, including graduates and newly promoted senior associates, partners and business support professionals. Each week, team members learned brain-based and science-backed tools to assist them in working more efficiently, structuring their days optimally, tuning out digital distractions, and managing their energy levels
  • Support was provided by the Inventium team for questions that arose during the program

The results

Lander & Rogers experienced statistically significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Self-reported productivity increased by 13%
  • Productive working hours increased by 31%, leading to 157 additional productive working hours annually per person
  • Job satisfaction increased by 18%