Equipping their people with critical tools to drive creative problem solving and innovation throughout their teams.

Chobani wanted to create a more proactive and structured approach to innovation and evolve from the typical reactive nature of large organisations to ensure they were producing better solutions for their customers.

What we did for Chobani

We worked with Chobani to equip their people with critical tools to drive creative problem-solving and innovation throughout their teams.

  • Trained 40 cross-functional Innovation Champions in Inventium’s science-backed innovation tools and techniques, to facilitate a best-practice approach to innovation across Chobani.
  • Supported Chobani’s innovation team to embed an innovation process, so that the governance and structures across the business supported a best-practice approach to innovation.
  • Conducted advanced facilitator training with key leaders in the business, allowing them to effectively lead internal innovation workshops.

The results

  • Chobani now has a widely accepted and understood process and science-based toolkit for innovation.
  • Diverse teams including Marketing, Procurement, Operations and Sales frequently use the process to solve their everyday business challenges so that they can produce better solutions. Not only has this improved Chobani’s pipeline for innovation and their responsiveness to customer needs, but it has also brought together cross-functional teams that can work together more effectively to achieve better business outcomes and customer-centric solutions.
  • Finally, Chobani are benefitting from adopting Inventium’s innovation process in partnering with their most strategic partners and continue to be seen as an innovative player in the fast-moving-consumer-goods industry.

Don’t just take our word for it – here are the thoughts of Chobani’s Digital & Communications Marketing Manager, Olivia Dickinson.

Hear from our amazing clients

Kickstarting change across the world, one client at a time

“We used the skills, processes and techniques that we had learnt from Inventium and partnered with Woolworths to not only run a workshop but to also develop a product that is looking to be launched into the market in H2 of 2020.”


“One of the direct impacts that I’ve seen from going through the Inventium training has been the impact on my team and the wider Marketing team. Everyone in the team can now facilitate innovation workshops and it’s been great to see the confidence that it has instilled in all members of the team.”


“The relationships that we have been able to build (across Chobani) as a result of running Inventium’s Customer Driven Innovation program has been fantastic. It makes everyone feel part of the journey because you all start together in the room, you talk about the problem, you bring different perspectives and you all progress through the innovation process such that when you see the final outcomes, whether that be a product or a process, we’ve all been part of that journey together.”