How we engaged with a number of different stakeholder groups across the firm to share innovation tools and equip them with new ways to solve client problems.

Innovation was identified as a key strategy for driving growth at Allens. Inventium was tasked with igniting innovation throughout the organisation, achieving alignment and building capability.

What we did for Allens

Inventium engaged with several different stakeholder groups across the firm to share innovation tools and equip them with new ways to solve client problems.

  • To facilitate leadership buy-in and partner engagement, Inventium presented at a partners’ conference on the topic of how to better connect with clients through innovation
  • Allens was guided through Inventium’s process, training Innovation Champions at all levels within the firm and providing an important framework for managing future client challenges
  • Trained and mentored Innovation Champions in running experiments to quickly and cheaply test potential ideas
  • Inventium presented at Allens’ General Counsel Roundtables all around Australia to the firm’s clients, speaking about the importance of innovation and how to get better at it

The results

Across the firm, Allens employees are now using a centralised innovation process and science-backed innovation toolkit to drive better outcomes for their clients. More specifically:

  • Inventium’s Innovation Program has taken the guesswork out of innovation, providing a practical framework for Allens to continue to run Ideation and Shortlisting labs – a process that it hopes to bring to its clients to better solve their problems in the future
  • Since working with Inventium, Allens has taken its innovation learnings and applied them to more than 20 client presentations and has engaged with 48 clients through Inventium’s General Counsel Forum
  • In addition to this, on a day-to-day basis, 380 employees participate in the firm’s online innovation community and two dedicated workgroups continue to progress the best ideas that surfaced in Inventium’s Ideation Labs
  • Inventium’s work has provided Allens with a practical framework for bringing innovation to its continually evolving client services

Hear from our amazing clients

Kickstarting change across the world, one client at a time

“Inventium understands that law firms are typically risk averse and have a high degree of cynicism, and were able to provide Allens with tangible skills and verifiable evidence that their innovation process works. We look forward to collaborating with our clients to solve their problems using Inventium’s proven framework.”